Thursday, January 6, 2011

No resolutions but new routines

Forget about resolutions, but call up practices you wanted to continue to make it through the SAD season. I had abandoned writing in a paperbound journal, but during the holidays and regularly until a day or two ago I started journaling again. Not sure how it would go, I took an old journal and flipped it upside down to write on the back of the pages. Another practice irregularly practiced is time on the elliptical exerciser. The unit back on the ranch is much smoother and quieter, and I will exchange it with the more cumbersome and noisier unit up here this year. I noticed how easily I became breathed with moderate exertion, so rather than stamina, my focus until spring will be on aerobics - 20-25 minute sprints to raise and maintain my heartbeat between 125 and 130 b.p.m. Finally there's the little matter of music, or more specifically, sounds. I parked my wind controller ("WX5") at work. My thinking is to get GarageBand out more often to learn  podcast controls AND to play with the sounds. That also forces me to play the sax at home, actually a richer sound machine. Somewhere in this season will I get to making a mobile or two?

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  1. Good luck with the routines. I need to do the same...well, on some of those things.