Saturday, January 8, 2011


I slept OK, but didn't wake rested. Now before 11:00 a.m. Mary and I are thinking we'd better get out and enjoy the day before the storm approaches Sunday evening and Monday morning. This morning I inspected the pot holding my Christmas Cactus (so called) to discover tiny, white fuzzy eggs on the tray under the pot and a few more under the pot. The small cache near the drain hole still held a thread of silk. I moved the eggs to a small jar and placed them on the shelf where I might watch them. My only naturalistic endeavor this morning was to remove the bulk of the dead, hairy cactus (truly) we had let freeze out on the porch... I found two nibs of green and transplanted them in a smaller pot using the same soil in the original. No water yet. The christmas cactus went back down to the kitchen sliding glass door way stand and I moved my Euphorbia splendens (?) up to my study where the CC was. On a living things note, I am glad that there is snow over the garden. I have spinach and garlic overwintering there which will benefit from the cover and the moisture.

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