Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The civic life

Mary joined me at a public discussion hosted by the governor. She noticed an article in the Sunday about a tour that ran through Del Norte designed to get public input to build local economic develop plans that would coalesce into regional plans and finally up to a state wide jobs creation and world trade policy. The usual suspects were there. The superintendent of schools and the district's bond administrator were there as well. A few students and a sprinkling of "regular citizens" introduced themselves. There were the suits and local politicians, a lot of business people and executives and some local officials interested in economic development. A few farmers spoke up about water issues and there was the usual griping about regulations and taxes. Only the governor mentioned anything about the internet, no one brought up web based industry or complained about the schools doing their job to prepare students for college or careers. There are some interesting tech, engineering and design (TED) firms opening shop in northern colorado that make science and math more important to learn, but I hope people don't forgets the arts and humanities. When someone complains that something is "bad for the economy", ask "who is the economy for?".

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  1. Glad you got to do that. I hope that people keep their crowbars at home and away from the Loveland Museum/Gallery. Hah! Did you hear about that? Craziness. Anyway...