Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back in the valley

This is the 3rd rewrite of my post! The first two were like an email that takes too much time to compose and is deleted because the thoughts are not clear.  I was trying too hard to string the language to a stray thought. In this case, the thought was that we were always "back in the valley" and a comparison of northern and southern colorado. Later.  For now, I will only say that we are back in Loveland. We will take a mid morning walk, probably at the nearby high school track, then perhaps run some errands before returning home. I would like to take care of some work related tasks, but a small plumbing repair and some work to prepare some of the windows for painting could be done before dinner. We are in the holiday stretch, all of us whose life centers around school of any sort.

I didn't get another post from the ranch, so here is a quick recap. Claire and Eve spent more time outside than Mary or I did, and Mary got in at least one more walk across the ranch than I did. I did manage to cut more firewood after the repair man discovered a gas line leak was causing the intermittent running. The first time I used it, the plugs had worked out of my ear canals leaving me with a tremendous ringing that lessened some over two days. I bought a pair of headphone type ear protection for the post TDay cutting! Claire helped later to load and unload. The Kelsos came by Friday evening for a visit with one of the granddaughters, the other stayed with the parents on a visit from the front range. I finally framed the simple square of treated 2x6 lumber for a new well cover, but that will need to be finished next visit.

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