Saturday, January 22, 2011

Colder, Warmer

Mary and I have been setting the Loveland house thermostats to the low or mid-60s range. Keeping a cooler temperature facilitates sleep, not to mention reduce hearing costs. However, after one particularly chilly time down in the den, I decided to raise the temperature down there to the higher 60s. Hannah noticed it when she came early last week with Pele. I appreciate being able to sit down there and read or join Mary before the fire, which is not a particularly effective way to keep warm. The upstairs bedroom is about 64 degrees, but the den is closer to 68 degrees. I can see how this 1.0+ centigrade difference would matter world wide. It sure makes a difference for the comfort and enjoyment of the den.

A side note, while searching for information about land use leases, I discovered "Beef" magazine and noticed an article by an editor describing a theory counter to anti-climate change by human activity.


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