Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Happy Little Habit

Bedtime and wake up time are hard to establish these days. They are reminders that we are not yet cyborgs capable of endless, relentless mental labor. I have the clock radio in the room set for 5:50 a.m. which awakens me to a market place spot. Usually I lie there and listen. (With my poor hearing, any rustling or shifting drowns out the low volume I have set the radio.) I tried setting the alarm earlier, to 5:25, to give me more time for stretches and exercises for my back and shoulder, but I opted for a little more sleep even though the consequence is not arriving to work by 7:30. What I am trying to add now is a little post time to this blog to see if the anticipation of the writing helps me awake more rested and alert. Brewing the coffee is about the only cognitive task I can handle this morning as I didn't sleep until about 11:30 last night. 10:30 is better for a restful 5:50 wakeup and exercise. Maybe I will compose a blog about more than nothing!

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