Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hither and Thither

On a recent email to Hannah, I remarked that my day was full of blog worthy events, but now I can't recall anymore than that they were a mix of work related readings and doings and ranch diversions. I tend to multi task due to general restlessness and the need to avoid sitting too long. I don't keep a regular journal like I used to which brings me to ask Mary questions like "What did we do yesterday?" or even "What day is this?"

To keep track of work I want to document, I am using a little iPhone app called "TimeLogger" which lets me set a time and categorize the task. With July on the horizon, it will be too soon that I need to return to work. One of the tasks I set for myself was something of reinvention, at least sorting again through strengths and interests to package and market to the administrative work I do for the school district. Perhaps that will be what you hear about next.

It has been hot, dry and windy. But this morning, rumblings over the mountains brought coolness.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Working in the Garden

Actually, it is mostly a flat of sand and rocks. The automatic sprinkler I set out didn't work too well with the water turned off at the pump, but I soaked the spot after we arrived. This morning I set beet seedlings in peat pots into the now wet sandy soil. Does "loess" describe what we are dealing with? It's better than the clay in Loveland.

Mosquitoes are out, but this morning I noticed lacewings landing on my hands. I am about to go to the Pipe Dream East to secure hinges to a shed door and will stop by the river to look for them there. The river is still fairly high and swift, but much less muddy. Snow pack estimates were put, from mountain readings at 101% of normal, but some experts contend the river flow will be more like 60-70% of normal.

The forecast is for 86 today. The Basinger family will be hosting a farewell meal and get together for a foster child leaving to join the military. Lebanese food has been prepared. We'll head out for perhaps warmer wetter in the Antonito area where the rendezvous will be held. My back has been very still and sore upon rising after sitting, but I think I will be able to enjoy the day after some garden stretching to plant those beets.

The bigger picture and gardener's shoes

west section: carrots, beets, garlic, something else...

Happy tractor operator, before the tire went out.
NEUROptera !

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Hello, All

Thanks for the Fathers' Day visit and gifts. Eve, here are pictures of most everything except the lovely pictures Pele drew for me, Mary's New Yorker subscription and the bag of pretzels I munched with a beer while resting my aching back.

 The owl mobile from Hannah is the same brand as the Blue Heron mobile Mary brought home.
 Another from Hannah, a fish wall hanging.
 From Mary, some fancy schmancy "fish bone and skin tweezers".
 From little acorns might oaks grow feltings with natural acorn caps.
 A "paisano" cup with some santa fe style incense sticks.
 From Jessica, Shane, Claire and other stuff with Mary, a book of Papa Poetry.
 No celebration is complete without a skull.
And from Hannah, the Dad Sauce.

I neglected to add Jarrod's tea, all the way from China! Jasmine and Ginger - Can you tell which?

And here's one more gift I neglected to share; Claire likes the shade-grown, I like the taste.

Love you all, Dad

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Owls are Back

Greetings from the San Luis Valley!

Unlike the previous two summers, the owls are back to the ranch sooner with plans to stay at least a bit longer. Roger's last contract day was Tuesday 7 June. Monday and that Tuesday, however, were spent attending Colorado Dept. of Ed. sessions at UNC. Wednesday was a freebie for the district as he wrapped up some loose ends then it was off to the ranch Thursday. Since Roger and Mary have been back, they have visited the Kelsos up the street at Sargent district, started watering the dry lawns, and planted a garden, more on that later. Shane helped Roger return the front right tractor tire and he has tried his hand at fishing. The river is terribly swift, muddy and high for fishing, but Shane has enjoyed walking to fish. More briefs, and maybe a theme later.