Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mid-April Return

Yesterday Mary and I observed our 27th anniversary as a legal married couple. Actually, I remembered it and Mary observed it by bestowing me with a pocket Henley T-Shirt and a new pair of shorts, a Courac tray with a hummingbird man kachina image, a ceramic fish to match other pieces of a line she has collected and an uncharacteristically artistic Hallmark card featuring two stylized cranes. Thank you, Mary - I love you.

The real celebration occurred at Hannah's house warming party yesterday. Jeremy grilled some hamburgers and franks, Hannah prepared the sides and drinks, Mary brought two angel food cakes. Pele entertained us with songs and later challenged me to an indoor bout of paddles in the den. I took over a pair of mobile modules of six horizontal decorated paper triangles glued to garlic stalk frames that Jessica said reminded her of a kite. Later that afternoon I handed Lucas my stock of garlic stems for him to try his hand at mobile making. Eve didn't make it, but she said later she was rested and feeling better.

The weekend weather warning prompted me to tend to yard chores and to planing a set of seeds in the reduced space garden lately turned into a flower bed. Our trips and returns to and from the valley leave me with two short growing seasons, one about two months long before and perhaps three after returning. On our way back from a shared anniversary dinner, Mary and I stopped at the two big box hardware stores looking to replace the one bleeding heart perennial we lost to the winter - two returned and have started blooming! More on all this and my job situation later.  CIAO