Saturday, July 2, 2011

First two days in July

Mary and I arose late for us. The SLV sun rises early, but yesterday we didn't. I intended to get out to fish early, but didn't make it until closer to noon. I spent two hours perusing the on-line content for a web class on family and community engagement, then headed out. The river is still fairly swift, so I looked for places up the south bank, across from Nat's house, to cast. Brown trout followed my spinners, but they did not bite. By now Mary and Eve had walked up to where I fished across the river from the Beaver Patch. Determined to try something more natural looking, I considered casting one of the flies in the tackle box, but settled on a small rubber minnow. A 16" brownie took the bait, got landed then grilled for lunch. All in all I spent two hours on the outing from cast to meal.

After lunch, Eve and Mary drove to the Peddler to provision Eve for a hike she planned to take up to Crestone Needle by way of Westcliffe. More on that below. I spent time in the potato cellar culling through cables and OLD computer hardware, we are talking back to the early 1980s and Texas Instrument 99/4a "upgraded" with an additional 32 KILOBYTES of memory. I sorted ADB and serial cables and loaded the Subaru with some old Mac books and trash bags for a combination trip to the dump and Rainbows End. Intentions to have Eve practice night driving were dashed when I discovered I had misplaced my keys, but Mary accompanied me to leave Eve at the Basinger's for the trip out this morning. Eve texted this morning that she and Ian had set up camp.

We drove to the Rio Grande Sanitary Landfill, the dump, this morning then enjoyed breakfast at the Movie Manor (me Huevos Rancheros and her eggs and sausage) then decided to drive on to Alamosa to pick up a prescription and other errands. We dropped off some old books at Rainbows End strolled around the Green Spot where I picked up a bag of blood and bone meal combo. Next was back to the Alamosa Rainbows Inn where I found, then rejected an old printer but picked up another vintage full size USB Apple keyboard. Next was to Milagros for coffee, then City Market for groceries, finally to Big R for a fishing filet knife.

We had to stop in Monte for coffee at the bakery on main street. Mary visited Sheryl Scherzer at her bead store. Owen works with her there. Upon arriving home, we noticed how unsettled the weather was, so I checked out the radar for the Westcliffe vicinity. Mary did some research on the Crestone Needle climb, a level 3. With the weather passing through, and news of a couple of hikers who died trying a Level TWO climb, we fretted a bit, then felt some relief to see the front had passed through the camping area Ian and Eve set up for the climb tomorrow. They are both outdoors types, but a climb up a 14,000 peak could be challenging.