Monday, November 22, 2010

Chain Saw Update

"Bob", the chain saw service master at the Monte Vista Co-op, invited me to wait for him to conduct the short series of small engine diagnostics to determine the cause of the problem I described in the last post. "Could be in the carburetor" he mused while starting up and running the Husqvarna (Husky) 288 XP vintage 1997. (I picked it up while Mike Sr. was still alive.) The big Husky is partly responsible for the bad back and more immediately responsible for the bad left shoulder that required surgery last year. Living and working on the Pipe Dream Ranch took its toll, but it had many benefits as well. I left the Husky with Bob who promised to get back to me after a few other pending work jobs. However, he called me back while Mary and I were still shopping in Monte Vista to say that he noticed a gas seepage that led to his discovery that the gas line was mangled and cracked. This led to the poor engine performance that, despite the good, 120 pounds of piston compression, resulted in poor engine performance. I returned to pick up the trusty Husky. Taking his advice, I bought two small put-in-one-gallon-of-gas containers of two stroke engine oil and a gallon of chain oil to prepare for a round of chain sawing for the winter wood supply. Thanks, Bob!

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