Monday, November 1, 2010

Melatonin and Rakes

I started to post a few days ago to report my experience with melatonin as a a sleep aid. The gold standard for me is to recall or even only be aware that I have dreamt. Affirmation of REM is reassuring, though not always confirmed with physical comfort. "I don't feel old, I just hurt" has been something of a middle Agee battle cry. The dream is now too vague to recall, something self-effacing, even self deprecating -- in the company of other losers in a hilly, winding geography.

But I digress, the next experience to share is the lawn work I joined Mary in after returning home this afternoon. She had begun to rake the leaves that had strewn the lawn since our last work out there. I grabbed another rake, then the lawn mower to mulch the tree droppings for faster decomposition. The dust and debris that moved me to don a face mask clogged the air filter on the mower. Better the pleats on the air filter than my alveoli. Raking leaves is zen practice.Like a waking sleep, except there's no dream, only what passes by on your way to the next row of leaves.

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  1. Hopefully we won't have to rake much pretty soon here. I should use some of the leaves for mulch, I suppose...