Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day 2010

Mary is finishing the kitchen cleanup with Claire's help. Mary and Claire went all out with the turkey and sides... two cranberry sauces, a beet salad, sweet potatoes, a green been casserole. We delayed the brussels sprouts until we can eat it tomorrow with turkey breast and mole I made today. Eve prepared a thick spicy chocolate drink and the garlic mashed potatoes. I contributed the gravy and carving. About an hour ago we strode back to the house from an after dinner walk.

The 17 pound turkey was cooked very well, and there are plenty of leftovers - all of the now carved turkey breast and most of the legs and thighs. I offered a wing to Mary and Eve, Claire and I enjoyed a serving of other dark meat. My serving was the "cheeks", the dark juicy meat in pockets on the skeleton and carcass. I froze the aspic and drippings for future use. Hannah has already sent us her TDay pictures. Here are some we took today.

A side note. While shopping at City Market,  I encountered the produce guy loading vegetable in the produce section and noticed the  Quintanilla box. He agreed to let me take it and we loaded our groceries in it to bring home!


  1. Looks like a marvy spread. Nice produce box! Where does it come from? Mexico or locally?

  2. We were shopping at City Market when I noticed a grocer stocking veggies in the produce area. Spying the name on the box, I asked the dude if I could have the box, "That's my name". The US distributer is out of Pharr, TX in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. The produce company in Mexico is but the website doesn't mention Quintanilla!

  3. Yum! It looks lovely. I miss being on the Ranch with everyone.
    We could frame the box, or lacquer it.