Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My ears still ring

We enjoyed a sunny, calm day. However, I felt sore and dizzy, not ready to try out the chain saw. Instead, I drove to town to pick up fresh gas and kerosene for the saw and tractor and ordered snow wipers for Mary's car. We walked to Nat's house to check out the plumbing. The river is icing over, the area just upstream from the Off's head gate dam was becoming frozen from the colder temperatures we have experienced -- it was 0 this morning! Tomorrow I may be able to fish in two areas where the river runs swiftly enough to prevent freeze over though the forecast is for a windy day.

The soreness and dizziness moved me to the recliner by the wood stove with a heating pad up the left side of my back where I napped until Mary drove Eve to a friends house. After she left, I decided to cut up logs on the bluff between the cattle guard and the irrigation pivot, a place where the Offs bulldozed the fallen trees away from the road. The saw worked well, but the earplugs I wore worked themselves out of my ear a couple of times before I learned how to properly seat them in the canals. I will probably wait until Thursday or Friday to use the saw so that my ears recover from the noise.

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