Sunday, November 21, 2010

Down Home Snow

A nearly full moon greeted Mary, Claire, Eve and I on our way to the northern edge of the valley. Before sunset yesterday, we stopped to eat at the cafe in Villa Grove before pulling into the driveway early in the evening. It had been windy through Hwy. 285 but the evening was mild as it goes, only in the 30s. The weather that blew through north of here arrived this afternoon with a steady snow in a bright afternoon. Mary walked down to the Pipe Dream East while I continued to work to get the old Husky chain saw working. Instead of my planned trip to the bluff on the way to the irrigation pivot, I drove the Mule to pick up Mary and gleaned firewood from the picnic area.

The river is running. Only the slowed pool of water going into the Off headgate is frozen. The sky should clear after mid week, so Thursday while the turkey cooks I will try to catch trout while enjoying the river. The girls brought home work to do. They have only three weeks of school once we return (probably Saturday morning). I have some work myself. I registered for a business centric training evaluation certification program to learn the commerce side's take on program evaluation which is my focus for professional goal setting with the district. Enough of that. Mary bought a SIXTEEN pound turkey. Mole is in order for leftovers. Maybe I will buy myself a new chainsaw to replace the extra-heavy-duty Husky and keep us in toasty comfort the rest of the winter visits.

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