Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tardy Tales

Mary, Claire, Eve and I returned from the Pipe Dream West on Sunday 18 July. We'd been there since Sunday 13 June, the weekend after my last day at the Thompson Schools admin. I wound up working through the rest of June, just as I did last year, but did so on the ranch. It was unpaid work, but at least we got out of town. I still need to negotiate my contract for more paid time and to work with my boss to press the principals I work with to finish their planning the 1st of May.

Coming back to Loveland, going and coming, is a bit easier after two years from the diaspora, but no less problematic. For instance, one thing hard to do is to care for a lawn and garden in either place in the summer. Another is the minor tendency to forget an item at either place and then have to wait for the next visit to retrieve it. I need to attend a meeting the Friday before Labor Day, but may take the Tuesday following to make a long weekend of that visit.

I have seen Pele, Hannah and Jeremy twice since we returned. Last night Pele painted a picture of me in red stick figures that I will scan and post later. She has been drawing more figures, and letters, recently showing some fine motor, eye-hand coordination. It is fun to see her work and her narrative of her work is as delightful as the work. Yesterday she noticed the vegetative debris in the backyard and took two large broccoli leaves which became "wings" for her flying bird impression.

Claire and Eve placed a deposit on an apartment. It won't be vacant until Sunday 1 August, but they both like the facility. They will stay with us until then. Mary heard from Shane that he landed a part time, temporary position with the University of Michigan teaching freshman composition (?). He will teach 9 hours, or, I think 3 - 3 hour classes. At the old how-much-time-to-study rate of 1 hour in class to 3 or more hours studying, he has been hired on for 27 something hours. I wonder what the FTE (full time equivalency; 1.0 = full time) but at least he does have benefits. Good luck, Shane.

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