Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cow Town

I delayed our trip to Amarillo and Ft. Worth due to weather reports for severe thunderstorms and flood watches on the travel route across north Texas. We witnessed soaked and flooded fields and experienced occasional heavy rain on the way. More important was that the trip was was made less arduous by breaking it into two two days with a stay in Amarillo. Our recent pattern is to drive between Texas and Colorado in one stretch, but I this led to driving while fatigued. The late decision to attend Clint Lowe's wedding left us needing to shop for a few things, so the Amarillo stay afforded the opportunity to walk the mall. The weather turned from rainy to hot and steamy with the passage of the storm front. It would be sunny and high 90s the rest of the way.

The wedding was at a Presbyterian church. The Lowe and Harmon families, both large, attended in force. The ceremony was traditional and brief, shorter than the time spent afterword taking wedding pictures. The reception was at a converted train depot in downtown Ft. Worth. The downtown scene I remember in Dallas paled in comparison to the more open and interesting scene in Ft. Worth. I spoke briefly with the father of the bride, Dr. Harmon, to thank him for his largesse. He seemed genuinely pleased with the event and recounted a previous wedding he had held in the same place for another daughter. Mango marinated beef, grilled chicken and grilled vegetables fueled the guests. Wine, beer, sodas and tea lubricated them. I will try to post from Texas again.

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