Friday, July 16, 2010

Last Weekend This Summer

The Kelso family will arrive at the Pipe Dream West within the hour. Laura Kelso called this morning to ask about getting together after Craig gets off his potato inspector work. We returned to the San Luis Valley Wednesday afternoon, previously posted, so now are in the last days of the 2010 summer stay. I took care of a few chores yesterday and today closed up the holes the yellow bellied marmots, "whistle pigs" dug to get under Nat's house. Cory Off and company cut several fields of grass while we were gone and are bailing it today. They also replaced the culvert running under the bend of the road before Nat's house. Another Off project is in the works from the looks of a culvert and head gate combo sitting on a tractor trailer. There has been more activity on the Pipe Dream by the Offs since they redoubled their presence on the Pipe Dream. In the meantime, Mary received a return call from a sister reporting that the family land trust contract would be changed to make all siblings co-managers with equal voice in the running of the ranch. This is no guarantee that anything will change, improve or more forward in a productive way, but the previous contract placed decision making power effectively in the hands of the calling sibling. We will return for the Labor Day weekend and other 3 day or more getaways through the fall and winter.

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