Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A story with several points

I returned a car jack for my Forester to the Subaru dealer earlier this week, with a penalty "restocking" fee applied. I had ordered and paid for it while still on the ranch. Earlier in the spring, a visit to one of the title schools ended with my walk back to the car to notice that the rear right tire was too low to drive on. The front right side was also a little low, but not a problem. Opening the back hatch and lifting the rear space compartment cover I did not see the jack where I thought it should be. A corner in the hard foam molding suggested to me that a jack belonged there. The handle and other one or two tools in the took bag were there, but I assumed that the jack was not there. I wondered whether I had taken it out at the ranch, perhaps to raise the Kawasaki Mule to service somehow, but a search not too much later turned up nothing. So I ordered the jack. Picking up the replacement this week led to my finding that I could not fit the jack where I thought it went. The parts salesman was puzzled at first as well. However, he checked the parts diagrams and looked at other Foresters, some of which had a different storage architecture. In the end, he came back and looked a bit further back in the foam molding on the other side I thought would be the place and uncovered the original in its cozy storage slot. Lot's to think about here, but all in all, death of dollars and time lost by" assume-icide". This incident has a failure of systems thinking flavor with undertones of stupidity followed by a hint of slight humor.

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  1. Good times, dad, good times. Looking forward to future posts.