Sunday, July 4, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Here is a short update since Jessica and Lucas arrived Friday evening. Mary and I invited them over for breakfast. I cooked up the Gosar chorizo Mary bought and fried eggs while she stirred up and cooked the Pam's mix pancakes [Mary's favorite]. We never did get over to see them at the other side of the ranch on Saturday. Instead, we followed up on an invitation from the newly arrived neighbors, a retired company from New Mexico by way of Washington state, to attend a 4th of July get together cookout. I had misunderstood the date and had to call last Saturday about whether the event would still be held on the then rainy afternoon.

After a phone call from the neighbor reminding us to come, we pulled out a Jack's Store T-Bone and a bottle of cab and walked across the yard to their house. I'd never been in the house before. The yard was impressive for the old cottonwood trees that still lined the ditch. It created a cool corridor of comfort on such sunny days as we have recently experienced. It turns out the get together was a Mormon party. I knew we were in trouble when I saw the flags and patriotic bunting everywhere. Taking the tour through the house with Mary and the hostess, I noticed religious texts and finally an LDS periodical the neighbor had highlighted.Before that confirmation, I had set the bottle of wine on the corner of the porch behind the lawn chairs when I realized there was a lemonade and hot dogs menu.

We met some of the folks there, two standouts were the white shirt, black pants and ties "elders". The participants greeted the men as "Brother ___". The host started the meal with a prayer for the good of the country and the safety of the troops serving abroad. I can appreciate all this, but we were clearly out of place. On a one to one basis, we were OK. It was no different engaging in any other friendly, non-controversial conversation. I was even OK with the patriotic songs the host put on urging everyone to sing along. As an old public school teacher, this music stood with the rest of the "civic religion" we sought to instill common, though dominant view values.We left after desert and after the hosts announced the beginning of a scavenger hunt. I picked up the wine and the hostess retrieved our steak and we left.

I tried to read and mark up an article I'd started earlier, but I was so sore and couldn't get comfortable so I just went to bed. My "back" has been sore caused by the L5 disk bulging and pressing against the nerves that cause sciatica. I am pushing 60, so the aches just keep on giving. Anyway after I woke up Lucas and Jessica came over and joined us on the porch for a short visit. I had done some work on the lawn mower for Mary and got it going again. Jessica and Lucas left to prepare for a camping trip across the river. Eve and Ian decided to join them. We saw Eve driving his Subaru down there!. She has been reluctant to practice and without promise of a car not motivated to follow up.

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  1. Sounds like a strange past week you've had. I hope things go smoother for the remainder of your visit.