Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Dreary Day but a Cheery Weekend

Jessica and Lucas left yesterday. We shared a breakfast Jessica and Mary fixed, they left to pack and returned mid-day to leave. Mary and the girls left for errands in Alamosa. However, I had been listening to a series of webinars hosted by "Human Capital Media", a business site specializing in enterprise learning, and stayed to hear the last of three. After that, I drove the Mule over to Nat's to investigate why her grill delivers such low heat. In the course of attempting to blow out crud in the pipes with the air compressor, I noticed air and dirt coming from the place where the copper line goes under ground and back up the grill pedestal. There I found that years of hooking and unhooking the tank resulted in a crimp then tear in the tubing. No wonder.

The sunny day then and this morning soon gave way to dark clouds coming from the south that resulted in a cool wind, cloudy skies and some rain. The temperature fell to 53 degrees earlier this afternoon, down from 63 when we remarked after lunch how cool it was. We hope the weather is better tomorrow mid-morning when we leave for Amarillo where we will spend the night on the way to Dallas. I have complained about early starts, achy driving and late, dangerously sleepy arrivals that we will take two days to get to Dallas more refreshed and earlier in the day to enjoy one night with Nat.

Only a few people will be there a most of the wedding goers will arrive in Fort Worth for the wedding and reception on Saturday and spend the night there in Ft. Worth for the Sunday noon barbecue. It sounds like quite the production. Mary phoned the M.O.B., Ruth, to check on the number of family staying at Nat's and to check with the bride about our late appearance. With both OK, we are on our way and may wind up in Austin for a night or two as well.

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  1. Safe trip to you folks. It's been cold and rainy here, too, but I don't mind because the temperatures have otherwise been in the 90's.