Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Owls are Back

Greetings from the San Luis Valley!

Unlike the previous two summers, the owls are back to the ranch sooner with plans to stay at least a bit longer. Roger's last contract day was Tuesday 7 June. Monday and that Tuesday, however, were spent attending Colorado Dept. of Ed. sessions at UNC. Wednesday was a freebie for the district as he wrapped up some loose ends then it was off to the ranch Thursday. Since Roger and Mary have been back, they have visited the Kelsos up the street at Sargent district, started watering the dry lawns, and planted a garden, more on that later. Shane helped Roger return the front right tractor tire and he has tried his hand at fishing. The river is terribly swift, muddy and high for fishing, but Shane has enjoyed walking to fish. More briefs, and maybe a theme later.

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