Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hither and Thither

On a recent email to Hannah, I remarked that my day was full of blog worthy events, but now I can't recall anymore than that they were a mix of work related readings and doings and ranch diversions. I tend to multi task due to general restlessness and the need to avoid sitting too long. I don't keep a regular journal like I used to which brings me to ask Mary questions like "What did we do yesterday?" or even "What day is this?"

To keep track of work I want to document, I am using a little iPhone app called "TimeLogger" which lets me set a time and categorize the task. With July on the horizon, it will be too soon that I need to return to work. One of the tasks I set for myself was something of reinvention, at least sorting again through strengths and interests to package and market to the administrative work I do for the school district. Perhaps that will be what you hear about next.

It has been hot, dry and windy. But this morning, rumblings over the mountains brought coolness.

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