Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Hannah

On the occasion of Hannah's birthday, I thought I'd shoot out a quick post. Feeling poorly after days of Pele's feeling poorly took its toll on Hannah. But by the afternoon, she was perky enough to come by with Jeremy and Pele to enjoy a piece of Mary's angelfood cake and take in the gifts from Mary, Eve, Claire and me. I crafted a simple two stick mobile with a bird and butterfly trinkets from Tesoros in Austin. Claire and Eve sent a loteria set and a card and Mary provided the rest. Pele fell asleep before arising with Jeremy sitting watch in the car with her until they both came in for gifts and cake. After they left, we had had desert first, I grilled the chicken I had marinated in lime and chile flakes for soft chicken tacos with cabbage and avocado and topped with sour cream and chipotle salsa. Shane called earlier to say he hoped to leave Ann Arbor for Loveland sometime mid-week. Transitions are hard, so we wish him a happy one and a speedy, uneventful trip. On a related note, Claire and Eve were inconvenienced by SW Airlines losing their luggage yesterday afternoon then returning it to them at 4:30 a.m.

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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm about to hit the sack--hope I have better luck with tonight's sleep. I love the mobile and butt plant and, of course, all of mom's, Claire and Eve's wonderful gifts, too.

    Glad you enjoyed the Chicken Tacos™ x2.