Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Speaking of the water table...

A septic tank contractor came to Grandma Nat's house with a backhoe to determine how close to the surface is the water table. Hanging on the outcome was whether the septic tank replacement (not repair -- $5,000 something bucks) could proceed as the usual and customary tank and leach field system or an "engineered system" requiring an additional tank by which the filth would be pumped up to the above ground leach field. [Three rules of plumbing - water runs down hill, don't chew your fingernails and payday is Friday.]

What would normally be underground and only visible by the taller grass and blooming daisies now stands to stand some 4 feet or higher and of some substantial dimensions to raise the aerobic activity (a nice way to put it) well above the water table -- think, the mausoleum of shit standing tall and proud across the yard and through the years, probably suitable for king of the hill type push off games by the younger cousins, but always a silent reminder of shared bacterial activity between the house and one's bowels.

More about watering -- reminds me of the work Mary has put into picking up sticks, watering and mowing the grand yard of the grand one who may not make it to the ranch this summer. We expect some immediate family visitations, but the more distant tribes stay away in droves due to more attractive pastimes in their region and the sentinel mosquitos and whistle pigs who stand (3rd use this post) guard over the wide skies and fields of the Pipe Dream Ranch and Pipe Dream West. We are talking about 10% humidity, 40 degrees difference between day and night with persistent daytime winds that mummify sentient life.

Finally, about water, I spent time replacing a pressure tank (almost 400 honking dollars) on the PDWest to attempt to increase the flow to the shower. The results were disappointing, but the work was needed as the old tank held zero pounds of pressure compared to the 28 lbs. to match the 30 lbs. pressure switch cut-on threshold. After replacing galvanized pipe nipples (don't snicker or giggle), union joints, street elbows and the like. I got only the satisfaction of a necessary job finished. Last think to mention is the replacement of a cracked toilet tank in the PDR loft.

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