Thursday, June 24, 2010

The lure of the river

I have managed to fish a time or two during the last few days. During that time I snagged two lures on the river bottom. Rather than lose the lures, I reeled in the line to some tension and tied the line to a nearby tree branch. I thought I could go back and wade in to retrieve them. When I heard that Eve and Ian were going to the river, I asked her to find the tied lines and retrieve the lures for me. She found the lines, but reported that she could only find slack line with no lures.

The river is dropping quickly. When Mary and I came to the Pipe Dream West over the Memorial Day weekend, the river ran very hard and very muddy. Now it is low and clear, but the current is still swift. This kinetic energy unraveled the simple knot tied into the thin, 6 pound line or perhaps it snapped the line -- I don't know since it I couldn't say how much line was on each lure to compare against how much line Eve returned to me.

I can attest to the force of the river since for the first time ever I waded past the banks to cast upstream in hopes of catching one more fish. Mary joined me on the mule after I came by the Pipe Dream Rancwith some lunch for her and I to share.h (That is what I call Nat's place, we are the Pipe Dream West.) While she took a call from Claire, I stepped out and very soon snagged a 14" brown trout. On a side note, I must mentioned that I dispatched the trout in what has been described as the most humane way by striking it behind the head with a short iron rod.

Unfortunately, I overcooked the fish due to leaving it on the grill much too long on a much too high heat. The propane tank has lit and flamed too low before. After two re-lights that resulted in less than 200 degree cooking temperature, I re-lit a 3rd time and decided to leave the fish on the grill for what I thought would remain low heat. Instead the flame returned and the bottom side was rendered mealy and tasteless. Fortunately, the top side was OK! Eve joined me in the repast which accompanied the pasta and cheese sauce I prepared for Mary.

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