Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mowing the Lawn

Today Mary mowed the south lawn, down the bluff by the now decrepit chicken coop and stable. The lawn mower was cranky, ran out of gas just before she finished the last spot by the old swing set. The oil was low when we pulled it out of the potato cellar, but after re-filling it ran fine and held level on the dipstick. I had to clean the air filter AND spray some starter fluid into the carburetor to get it going again, but it held out longer than Mary as she was too tired to finish the dusty area across the chicken coop.

Water makes a tremendous difference. We had left the sprinkler on leaving after Memorial Day back to Loveland. The neighbor lady next door called me to ask about the water Eve apparently left on after she left - we didn't ask her to shut it. When we returned, the circle of grass clearly stood out within the larger space of brown and lifeless ground. It has been windy and sunny following high temperatures several weeks ago that resulted in snow pack melt that rushed rivers and streams across the region. Water is life. We are lucky to be close to the water table.


  1. Great post, dad. Speaking of watering, we watered your grass in the front and backyard. We watered the flowers and vegetables and indoor plants less than a week ago--we'll return to water them again before the end of this week.

    Jeremy brought over one of his sprinklers...he likes it better but the water pressure isn't that great for watering the front, but it seems OK despite that.

  2. Our water pressure up on Cherry Hills is not that great. I wonder what all the gurgling and sputtering is about. Thanks for keeping the surrounding home owners happy -- no HMA, so next thing is the pink flamingos!

  3. How about purple? Thanks for the post, Dad. I almost feel like I am there. We mowed and weed-whacked the the day before yesterday. Lucas totally overdid it!Tell Mom to take it easy. You too. See you soon!