Friday, August 6, 2010

a review and reflection

Apologies for not posting since the 27th. I will resume with a post I wanted to make a few days ago from the notes I entered on a garden and kitchen journal I have kept intermittently since 2002. Hannah gave it to me then and from the first entry of 14 April, I would say that it was an anniversary gift. I prepared the rows and Claire planted the garlic bulbs on Sat 17 Oct 09 that I harvested this Tuesday:

"Mary is in Lafayette leaving Claire at Lucas and Jessica's for Claire's dog and house sitting duties. I'm conditioning he east edge of the picket fenced garden area with two 2.2 sq. ft. bales of peat moss. The clay soil is like hard pan, chunks of pottery. I noticed the peas unharvested this summer fell to the ground and, where watered, sprouted and poked through the clay. I collected a palmful still dry and unsprouted which I will replant. From the garlic planting map drawn Sat 17 Oct 09, I notice I have harvested a half dozen "german" variety garlic hard neck bulbs. "Inchelium" just north of them are not evident though I do have two bulbs from thereabouts w/o salks that could be. Some smaller "Bogatyr" lie to the south in the same row."

The German stalks are tall with large bulbs. I may only plant them this fall as they seem to be the most robust. I have not yet harvested the row with the Dukanski, Shatilli, Shaunti and Chesnook garlic. They are mid sized between the large German and smaller Bogatyr. I still need to turn the soil on the east edge of the garden (nearest the house) and upright the picket fence edging.

It is early again. I am semi-habituated to engaging in some stretches for my back, exercises for my core and strengthening my shoulders and arms. It is about the only time I would take now to do that; working the elliptical, or better, walking with Mary is better after work. That is something I have not joined in while Claire and Eve visit us, but it would be a good way to unwind and to connect. We have to find another circuit now that the high school track is busy with football practice. Now in the morning, I think I will start off with posts here and or in one or another of the blogs I have started at work, then exercise.


  1. I like the garden notes dad. Glad to hear you've got a stretching/exercise ritual. I had just started getting in shape over the last few weeks -- running a few miles every day and feeling really good -- but sprained my ankle very badly yesterday on my run. It's terrible timing since I need to pack and move in the next few weeks. Icing and elevating it but it seems like this one might take a while to heal.

    Unrelated, but on my mind: these old color photos are thrilling...

  2. Hey, Shane

    Sorry to hear about the untimely injury! Hope you heal soon, but I'm eager to hear that your move is done and you can concentrate on your teaching preparations.