Saturday, August 7, 2010

Walking through the garden... a little ditty-like outcry the servers at Bob's B-B-Q in Loveland call when one orders all the veggie sides on the plate (onions, pickles, jalapenos). I will return to the garden after this post. Last night I worked into the twilight, a common practice as I don't get outside until after settling down from work, and these days, coming out of a nap. I was cranky about doing anything out there perhaps because I had a committee assignment response brewing that I wanted to develop.

Mary joined me after understanding my frustration; this did not require her usual insight and empathy because I was complaining about how hard the work was for me now &c, &c. Sometimes when one is tired or pained there is no good reason to complain. Mary helped me reset the little picket and wire fencing border (I'll post a picture later) that I had removed to dig out the grass roots under it. There is still some warm weather left, but I'll plant cool tolerant and root crop seeds.

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