Sunday, August 8, 2010

Northern Colorado

Mary and I moved to Boulder for a while in 1978. Back then, the town was already known for three left turns on a red light, it's high per capita ratio of lawyers to citizens and high dollar real estate. However, it was not so strewn with ticky-tacky development along every stretch of the Diagonal Highway. Once, driving a 1968 Wagoneer, I became moonstruck and strayed off the road into a farmer's ditch near Broomfield. An old farmer in overalls came out to see what the matter was and in not too long a time extricated us from the water with little more than a car jack. He lifted the rear axle enough to give us traction back on the road. He was old school enough to understand the distraction the moon caused me, Old West enough to offer the help in the first place.

Mary and I drove south from Loveland mid-morning to mattress shop at the Flatirons Crossing Mall. I took advantage of my credit rating to open an account with Macy's to save $100 on the purchase, which I promptly ceded to the cost of a bed frame! On the way, we stopped by Lafayette and Boulder to see Claire and Eve. We took them and Jarrod out to the Himalaya Nepalese restaurant where we grazed the buffet then wen on out way to mattress shop. Eve and Claire are still house and dog sitting. Eve shared her experience baby sitting with a pair of young boys for a couple in Boulder. She is doing a good job keeping her head about her while addressing some complex family and developmental dynamics and exhibiting some gumption, stick-with-it-ness and compassion to follow through another stay with the little gents.2


  1. Ha! So being "moonstruck" runs in the family. I've never heard that story:)

  2. Great story. I'll try not to go into a ditch when the moon's out. Usually I point the moon out to Pele...she likes to have conversations with it.