Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wither, Wester Fest?

Mary and I drove to Lafayette on Wesrerfest Eve to join Jessica at her pARTicular open house. We had both been concerned about Lucas' hospital stay. His condition was dire, we felt, so we wondered how we could support the two. Jarrod was down from Denver to be with Claire for his birthday, the "Golden" one, age 22 on the 22nd of September. Eve and Ian joined us all for a brief tour of Jessica's art co-op, then we left for dinner at the Italian restaurant on the main street corner, Pinocchio's. Mary bought a card we all registered and signed, and I sent a copy of Strengthfinders I had brought. The good news is that Lucas will be released from the hospital this weekend! :)

This morning I moved away from the egg only breakfasts back to pancakes made from hazelnut meal and coconut flour. The recipe I will share later, suffice to say that they were acceptable, but I will change the mix to include almond meal to take the edge off the heavy hazelnut taste, not bad, just not balanced. We followed breakfast with a truck rental activity to haul a pile of debris from our cleared side yard and branches cleared from Jeremy's tree trimming at their Crystal Court residence. We followed that errand with a lunch at a new Asian restaurant in Loveland, the Empire Hibachi. we met up with Jeremy's crew later this afternoon after their drive around with Pele after the truck rental errand.

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