Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just noticed

This post about is a minor observation made this morning picking up the Saturday Morning Post. The sun just rose above the horizon to illuminate the neighborhood trees at a nearly flat angle. Beams of light crossing the roofs across the street hit the interior of a tall, twisted pine tree whose condition I had never noticed before. Somewhat like a gnarled and stunted pine in our backyard by the porch, this one was much bigger and so much more torqued -- not like a windswept, mountain top tree, but in a mild spiral around some invisible shaft.

This reminds me somewhat of the view west driving Highway 160 home to the ranch. Between the stretch from the Movie Manor lies series of foothills leading to the last downward slope, the drive to the Plaza to the right, on the straightaway to Del Norte. At the top of that hill, on different days and different times of the day, the light would reveal different nuances of color and shadow that never quite looked the same even though I'd seen the foothills northwest of the ranch from that vantage point many times. Other views in the valley were more stable, and therefore, perhaps, comforting. This view was always something of a wonder.

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  1. Nice observation, dad.

    I hope things are going well down in Tejas.